Raagam Bakery

“The Tea Shop” is just around the corner of the road to my place. This has become a regular pit-stop on my way back from work, to take a breath from a long day. It is much of a tea shop and yet goes around with the suffix “bakery” to the name in line with a decade long tea shop tradition in the locality. They do bake, boil and fry a variety of stuff. Stuffs that are mouthwatering like the pineapple cake, jammed cakes, photo printed birthday cakes, assortment of biscuits, cubes of colorful homemade chocolates, all stacked in order, inside temperature controlled glass displays. And yet a couple of files are already in, sampling the freshly baked. Life always finds its way. Meanwhile the common favorites the puffs (veg and non-veg), it’s cousins the mushroom puffs, paneer puffs, and what-not stuffed puffs are put inside containers of optimal temperature. Just below the ceiling a series of black, orange and green colored bottles ran for almost half the length of the shop – beverages, many on the verge of their expiry date. Today, just like any other evening, the bakery is crammed with people who just got off their work. The construction workers in rags, travelling families just out of their SUVs, neighborhood mothers with their kids, carefree old men and me with an ID tag hanging down the collar, all staged perfectly, some seated, some standing with their eyes popping and nose making macaroon against the glass displays.

I didn’t make any order today. But in no time a plate with four salt biscuits and a tea was served. The guy serving is so accustomed to my routine that he never bothers to ask me what I want. I am happy with that. However at times, it severely backfires if I had something else in mind. I could hardly make anything out of the buzz around. Teen groups laughing on their particular jokes, merchant yelling in his mobile, kids keenly slurping ice creams, coins clinking at the counter. So while I wait for the tea I involuntarily pick my phone and start scratching it. But once it is on the table, business is business. I start dipping the biscuits into the tea and munch it to ecstasy, hardly gazing around the movements inside or across the busy road.

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Hands on the Board

While I contemplate over where to start with on unlocking the mind, I struggle. Cos, it’s not so easy to pick just one thing out of the mind, at a time. Like a shuffled iTunes. You won’t know what comes next. Like a monkey. It never ceases to jump branches, even when you never wanted it to. Had it stopped, things would have been a lot better. But then that’s the fun part of life. Thoughts wandered over almost everything of my much shrunken world. It ran past the obvious. Love. My Family. My Friends. My monotonous weekday. I tried harder to focus on something different and specific. To give something reasonable to read. But with a quick bolt over my head I realized it’s too much to look for a point in everything. I went on with the flow. That reminded me of a quote from “Doctor Who”,
“There’s no point being grown-up if you can’t be childish sometimes.”

And also Roland Barthes’,
“We no longer look at the world with the eyes of a confessor, of a doctor, or of God himself but with the eyes of a man walking in his city with no other horizon than the scene before him, no other power than that of his own eyes.”

Simple and profound. Isn’t it a fact that we always see what we wanted to see leaving the rest to the oblivion?

Moving on, I was watching “What Women Want”, a fantasy-comedy movie starring Mel Gibson. It opened doors for more than one thought to me. Just thoughts, no answers yet! Would it not?  That’s a million dollar question in the title. Cos somewhere under the sun the apple went missing. The apple that rolled down the Newton’s head. The apple that had all the answers. The simple apple that Adam had to pluck to woo Eve.

For “The Daily Post’s Writing101 – June2014”.

The 3 Questions I Fear!

I am being interviewed by a Pulitzer winner reporter! While just the idea of that seems absurd for a commoner like me, I have to pursue the following note with pure imagination. For I think I could possibly get interviewed ever only by my spouse (future) for constant financial irregularities or by my manager for successfully maintaining late in-time. However I wouldn’t fear an interview by a Pulitzer winner on any matters for she could never ask anything beyond my social network status updates – I believe. Said that, I sincerely suggest her to touch base with my siblings or the next door guy whose window (or teeth) I broke with a ball or my pet kitties and puppy I constantly pestered as a kid, if she still feels like I should be asked those tricky questions. If nothing has worked better, you can still look out for my best pals. They never showed the slightest hesitation to pull my legs, ever!

Anyhow, here are those three that I really hope she doesn’t ask me,

1. Have you ever kissed a girl?
Answer: I am afraid I haven’t!

2. Do you know how it feels?
Answer: I am sure you understand by my prior answer this is a mutually exclusive question and incidentally the answer is NO for this too!

3. That seems to me like you are going no where!
Answer: No, I am going to be a Pulitzer winner and ask questions!

For “The Daily Post’s Daily Prompts”
Trick Questions “A Pulitzer-winning reporter is writing an in-depth piece – about you. What are the three questions you really hope she doesn’t ask you?”

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