“Or, better still, stop inflicting your opinions on the world!”

It hurt, when Benedict Cumberbatch said so to Martin Freeman about blogging. That too for a novice blogger like me, with quiet an aspiration, it really hurt. Sherlock (Benedict)  has a point, but then isn’t that the whole point of blogging. Only that word “inflicting” sounds little rude. So let me conveniently put it as sharing or venting out. For quiet some time I pondered over whether one should blurt out personal opinions in open digital space. And finally gave up, cos the pros of blogging out-weigh the cons. While blogging is more of free-flow writing, my world turns static when I sit with my laptop. Absolutely motionless. On the other hand, things flow down like a fountain while I ride my bike. (I) Never mind the traffic ahead. Believe it, this is one such flow and I wish there is an app to capture it on the go.

That makes me “Praveen” feel like a travel blogger. Only that I haven’t crossed borders yet. If going round and round my place “Coimbatore, India”, through the curve-less road to “GPuram”, the fancy shopping stores of “RSPuram”, the mazes of the “Town Hall” market counts, yes! I am a gonna be a travel blogger. Apart from coding for a brief span of my day as a ritual of work, I spend most times in movies, reading and origami. Now blogging has gotten on to my leisure-time-league and that’s gonna be fun, for you too I hope. Welcome to Fugitive Days.


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