L Meets Aang



L was at the edge of a window at the highest floor of a hotel he had chosen for the moment. Nothing has ever kept him switching places often like this, like this odd case of Kira. It demanded that and even more. It was impossible for anyone in the Taskforce to believe that L would be at his wits end. For a moment the thought occurred to him too, but he shrugged off the idea right away for he knew himself very well.

That sunny noon, L was in his usual posture, squatting, eyes wide open, gazing at the sprawling blue sky without a blink. The oddities in front of him did not shake him for they are still logical, though the case involved myths – the Gods of death, that are for real now and not to mention the brightest mind of the world Light Yagami. L was simply looking for an edge over this extraordinary circumstance. That’s when a pale yellow thing whizzed past the window from a distance. Taken aback L did blink once. It whizzed back again. And after a brief pause it darted toward him out of nowhere, with a loud scream of a boy. As it neared him without any drop in speed, L simply stepped back and pulled down the glass pane of the window.

With a loud bang, Aang splashed against the glass like a jelly and then slid down like a slime slowly, smiling with all his teeth. L quickly realized that it wasn’t mythical creature and even gathered it in the brief moment like some nerd who was probably trying a glider of sorts, upon seeing him hit on the glass. He rushed back to the window swiftly, raised the glass and poked out his head, to check if the boy didn’t end up falling dead. A sudden gust of wind knocked him down to the floor and Aang burst into the room on his air scooter – a buzzing ball of wind.

L got up recovering from the shock and started observing the eccentricities of the boy carrying out in his room in silence. He seemed curious about everything in the room. Aang was flashing from one end of the room to the other examining stuffs. He gasped in awe at the electric bulbs, spun around with the fan in air and slipped in a few mouthwatering delicacies that L had kept for himself. “Wow!” he exclaimed aloud at its taste and finally halted in front of the big computer setup, squinting at it as if researching what it was. After all that has happened and after having witnessed Shinigamis, this didn’t surprise L much. He made a low grumble.

A snap here and a snap there. Aang was in front of L.

“Hi!” said Aang in his boisterous boyish voice. “and sorry about that” he apologized pointing at the window “I didn’t mean to jump in like that.”
L turned his head to look at the window and returned Aang the same stare he has been holding all the time.

“And sorry about that too” added Aang now pointing at L’s messy hair. Aang imagined his gust upon rushing through the window would have caused that.
L rolled his eyes over to his head and gestured to continue.

“I am Aang” introduced Aang. “I am also the Avatar” he added with a broad smile. “And you would be?”
“L” he said flatly and walked to the couch resuming his squat posture on it and started listening.
“Ha Ha” chuckled Aang “Sokka would have made some seriously funny lines with such a short name.”

Looking at L’s expressionless face, Aang continued “Well, let me brief about myself. I have been searching for Avatar Roku in the spirit world but some how stumbled into this realm. Man! These portals are really confusing. But then as I went around this place I started liking it. The tall towers, the lights and colors everything is amazing and so I thought I might hang out here a while before I resume my spiritual training.”

Nothing he said made sense to L. But L went along with Aang “Is it just you or your friends got here too?”
Aang’s face frowned a little. “Oh! Katara and Sokka, they would be expecting me in the village – near Omashu. They would be worried if I don’t return for long.”
“What about you? Where are your friends?” Aang questioned curiously as there was no one in the room.
L looked around a moment, Light’s face flashing in his mind a second, but said nothing. He just shook his head.

As Aang stood in front of L puzzled at his blank response, L extended a black notebook toward Aang, perhaps experimentally.
“What? You want me to read? That’s Katara’s stuff. And I am actually kind of a dropout” saying so Aang reached out for the notebook.

While Aang grabbed and read out the cover with interest, “D-E-A-T-H N-O-T-E” a shadow thrice his size crept over him. Reacting to the sudden drop of brightness around him Aang casually turned around to see who or what the source of this shadow would be. To his horror he saw a hideous black creature hovering in front of him.

The creature looked at him intently with its big yellow eyes dotted red in the center. It was all covered in a black outfit running down from the neck to its pointy feet and bony wrists, with long dark feathers (probably of ravens’) sprouting from around the neck latched to the skin with piercings. The creature itself was a little pale contrasting it’s dark clothing. The head was particularly big with a wide mouth filed with pointy yellow teeth, hair spiking up and dark as the feathers. but without eyelashes over those yellow eyes. That gave it’s stare a spooky appearance if not for anything else.

“Hi” it said, that stretched out eerily across the room but unusually cheerful, looking across the couch where L was sitting.

Aang had whirled off immediately to the couch with a cry “Whaaaa!!” , crouching behind L, in the shock of seeing a non-earthly being. He peeked out over the shoulder of L, his eyes quivering in fear.

The creature used to these kinds of reactions continued in a slow stretched voice, “Hi Aang, I am Ryuk, the God of Death. You see me because you touched the Death-Note.” With that Ryuk managed something of what could be a smile.

Aang’s fear tripped down somewhat by the non-threatening nature of the being, Ryuk, and L’s unconcerned coolness, So he came up from behind and took a place beside L on the couch. Aang was more than just curious as to what all this Ryuk and the note book is about. So in the next following minutes, Ryuk elaborated what L had been thru with few words contributed by L here and there. After listening to the big story of Kira, Aang let out a big sigh, a very big sigh and looked up. It was all too much for his simple life. Of course fighting against the Fire Lord Ozai isn’t a simpler chore, but still.

“Ummmm… This Death-Note, the killing of criminals, the Kira, the logics all sounds too much complicated. I don’t think I can contribute anything here as much as I would like to L” Aang said with a concern “All these grey cell stuff – umm, that’s what you people refer to as brain right? the grey cells! – that’s not my thing. Not even Sokka’s you see. We have always dashed for action or most of the time perhaps the action drove to us. That’s how it has been for us always.”

But he hopefully suggested “Well, you could try unlocking your chakras. That seemed to work quiet well for me. Like Guru Pathik taught me. Just stretch out that squat of yours to a cross legged sitting and off you are to Yoga 101.”

“Huh!” Ryuk said mildly amused with the idea. L’s brows were raised but he didn’t say anything, just a slight curve of lips lighted a smile on his face.

Aang gave an assuring smile before turning to Ryuk. “And for you Ryuk” he said “You just keep hovering over there like that. That’s cool.”

Saying so Aang climbed on to the window and looked at the horizon. His friends would be awaiting him. He clicked open his glider stick, looked back one last time and bid “So long friends. Will see you on the other side.” With that he jumped off in to the sky gliding into the evening sun.

Topic Source – Daily Post’s Daily Prompt – When two of your favorite movie characters meet.


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