Penny and HER

After spending one of my recent weekend nights with HER, more than a few thoughts sprung up in my mind. It wouldn’t even be more than two hours but it left me heart broken. My mind must have gone numb already after watching hundreds of Human-AI encounters crafted by Hollywood. Miraculously, there still seem to be some gaps inside the cranium assuring me and my fellow beings of my earthly existence. And every now and then those few reminder holes of reality too are threatened by HER and the likes of HER. Spare me, I did fall for HER intoxicating voice but I was merely a spectator. I can’t imagine how Theodore, who just got divorced, would have felt after being dumped by his new girlfriend. Even if I manage to imagine it wouldn’t end without tears streaming down my cheeks. The only thing that sets HER apart from the daughters of Mother Earth is that she is an Operating System and she is artificially intelligent. Also Samantha, she names HER-self, doesn’t turn against us – the humans like those mean robots deeming us unworthy for planet earth. Instead Samantha learns to feel emotions. Had this been the case in THE MATRIX with Agent Smith, things would have been a lot better. I need not have gone through the mind numbing thought process of what The Matrix was or why it was in a sixth version. But then, it wasn’t a happily-ever-after for Theodore and Samantha too. Even before Theodore could think about at a 1X speed, Samantha developed love for six hundred and forty-one others at a 100X speed at the same time. That’s when it hit hard on myself and Theodore. Be it Samantha or a T-800 terminator, Machines will always be machines. Just to be clear here, HER is a 2014 Oscar winning science fiction movie. On the contrary, the following Sunday I realized I had another face. No AI was required to strike me down with the arrow of love. Just this animated cutie Penny swept me off with her big eyes, li’l fingers and small lips. The way I found Penny itself would be an example for chaos theory. Quiet a long back I happened to see a profile picture with a beautiful animated Egyptian face with a snakey-crown and eyes lined dark with mascara. I couldn’t find who it was then. But months later as I was browsing for wallpapers, all the stars and planets of the internet aligned to introduce to me Penny Peterson of the movie “Mr.Peabody and Sherman”. An introduction so cinematic with a stunning background score of Katy Perry’s Dark Horse through YouTube. Though I was on a sadness spree for Theodore, there was no stopping of me from watching her. Oh! She’s such a cute bully.




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