Hands on the Board

While I contemplate over where to start with on unlocking the mind, I struggle. Cos, it’s not so easy to pick just one thing out of the mind, at a time. Like a shuffled iTunes. You won’t know what comes next. Like a monkey. It never ceases to jump branches, even when you never wanted it to. Had it stopped, things would have been a lot better. But then that’s the fun part of life. Thoughts wandered over almost everything of my much shrunken world. It ran past the obvious. Love. My Family. My Friends. My monotonous weekday. I tried harder to focus on something different and specific. To give something reasonable to read. But with a quick bolt over my head I realized it’s too much to look for a point in everything. I went on with the flow. That reminded me of a quote from “Doctor Who”,
“There’s no point being grown-up if you can’t be childish sometimes.”

And also Roland Barthes’,
“We no longer look at the world with the eyes of a confessor, of a doctor, or of God himself but with the eyes of a man walking in his city with no other horizon than the scene before him, no other power than that of his own eyes.”

Simple and profound. Isn’t it a fact that we always see what we wanted to see leaving the rest to the oblivion?

Moving on, I was watching “What Women Want”, a fantasy-comedy movie starring Mel Gibson. It opened doors for more than one thought to me. Just thoughts, no answers yet! Would it not?  That’s a million dollar question in the title. Cos somewhere under the sun the apple went missing. The apple that rolled down the Newton’s head. The apple that had all the answers. The simple apple that Adam had to pluck to woo Eve.

For “The Daily Post’s Writing101 – June2014”.


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